All in…

My best friends, clients, and loved ones are all in.

What the hell is all in? An overused phrase, that’s for sure. According to google, it’s one of these three descriptors.“Being without any further money to bet, but remaining active in a hand. Very tired. With everything included.” This rant fits the first descriptor. Me too.

I go all in.

I’m conflicted when going halfway. I don’t know how to hold back, mail it in, and accept less than my best. I’m not someone who spreads himself too thin. My focus is narrow. My depth is scary deep. My attention span is long and lasting or I look away – like forever. I’m all in with my clients. I hit them with hard truth and fight for them with all my heart. My best ones feel this and want more. They too are all in. I scare clients when my all in stirs them out of their comfort zone. I go all in to make my clients do what they can. But what if they don’t mind just being good enough, you know? Hmm. Good quest. Ccd answer. When someone stops believing, someone will soon be leaving. Think about it…

Most relationships work optimally when we understand each other’s position and align. Here’s the leadership nugget. Want a team that’s all in? Play your hand like you’ve got no more money to bet. Go all in with your team. Rarely does a team exceed their leaders level of all in. Stop wishing you had a more committed team, leader. Commit yourself. Stop hedging your bet, spreading your risk, and dispersing your attention all over the freakin’ savanna. All in with your few, right?

Live hard. Love harder…

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