Day 53: Repair 101…

I don’t ask for help because if I do, the relationship is now transactional.  I mean, come on, shouldn’t we all just help each other because we want to, not because we’re asked to?  Yep, that’s what the little voice in my head tells me all the time.  Dumbass.

A couple months ago I shared this with the band and they showed me how asking for help actually opens the door for transformation.  Since then I’ve slowly been dipping my toe in this water and continue to be shocked at how much my thinking was wrong. I’ve asked for emotional support and prayers for my father whose health is failing.  I’ve asked my mother for help watching my kids.  I asked a friend to focus me on a project I’ve been avoiding but feel called to do.  And I asked a client to help me find more people like him.

None of these were comfortable conversations for me.  Each time I felt weak and ashamed for needing to ask.  But each time I felt less alone.  And each time someone helped, I felt Loved. So if you can be a lone wolf like me, ask for help and feel what it’s like to become all one – one “L” of a difference.

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