Action in ambiguity…

Normal humans act in fear. Their performance is inconsistent. Normal leaders use fear and create “do or die” moments to motivate. Works for a season or two. High performing humans act in love. Performance is more predictable because effort is more consistent. High performing leaders use love to inspire. These dudes dream and do. Works for a long time.

BBTL individuals, teams, and leaders use it all. They are tough and tender. Some days they use fear, everyday they live hard and love harder. These individuals, teams, and leaders love themselves, each other, and their work (OPUS) and life (OPUS). BBTL humans turn routines into rituals. This produces inspiration fueled perspiration. These few do crazy shit together. They transform when they lose, win, or tie. They are obsessed with excellence. Adversity is the way. Success does not spoil. They are masters of productive action even when the way forward is foggy.

Win? Learn. PA. Lose? Learn. PA. Good.

Here’s the coolest part, however. What do they do when nobody’s watching and when the scoreboard is off? What do they do when there’s no clear finish line, like most of life? What do they do when the way forward is foggy and they can’t see the shore? Simple, not easy. They chose action in ambiguity. No excuses. Excellence is a habit, remember. You realize most of life is lived without crystal clarity, right?

What are you habituating in ambiguity? Slow down. Reflect. Write. Talk to your truth tellers. Excellence requires action in ambiguity. BBTL is a blue collar effort. You cannot afford to sit and wait for the fog to clear. What are you waiting for? Initiate. Action in ambiguity. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

2 thoughts on “Action in ambiguity…

  1. I heard recently that we treat and define fear as danger. We think fear is the ultimate but there is another and its danger. Maybe we should dance a little with fear because you are not as close to the edge as your mind is telling you.

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