Day 54: Producer led…

This is a dark day in world history and is a reminder of a key lesson I have learned as a builder. Leading anything is a lonely and hard journey. “It’s lonely on top” is a cliche for a reason.

I’ve been blessed to lead a few in my life.  To be able to do this well, I must prepare to lead well. For me, it goes back to my top unifying strategy: Highest Order First.

It takes a mental, physical, emotional, and relational toll to lead anything. I do what I can to make the right choices that maximize my energy to lead at the highest level I can.

To get my mind, body and soul aligned this morning, I played an away game on a Peloton for the 90-minute Tour V gauntlet ride and was able to get some meditation in to boot. I was juiced and ready to roll after that. To have this much time in a morning was a luxury (as any parent can attest) and my highest order first principle guides me when I have said luxury of time so I can show up as my best self.

What do you need to prioritize in your routine to put yourself in the best possible position to lead well in peace and war time? Is this set of habits second nature and in your unifying strategies?

Please take care of yourself so you can take care of others. Those you are leading need you at your best.  

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