Day 70: No mo…

Some of you probably read Day 70 in the book and think it doesn’t apply to you. You’ve got a totally crazy, frustratingly overbooked schedule 24/7/365 and that’s just the way it has to be – no way around it. Chet doesn’t get YOUR world, after all.

I often hear something similar from clients early in the building process. Here’s the truth. Saying “no mo” starts with getting “mo” clarity. Clients early in the process really believe they need to say yes to much of what’s on their plate. Why? Because they’re not actually crystal clear yet on their purpose and direction. Hard to say no to something when you’re not sure how essential it is or might become.

The clearer you get the easier it is to say no. Doesn’t mean you won’t be busy. Especially if you enjoy the work and want more of it. It DOES mean that every choice on your calendar will be intentional and in line with where you’re going. It’ll give you juice and propel you forward rather than draining and dragging you.

If you want a less full schedule, or just one filled with work you love, start today with getting clarity on who you are, what you believe, why it matters to you. Get busy clarifying and rinsing your Core. Authoring an authentic OPUS. Living it out with productive actions. Pretty soon you’ll wake up and realize your calendar has become a snapshot of the life you want to live. That’s some magic.

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