Day 74: Agitate

The following Built to Lead prescription is all the Agitation I need! The more I live this prescription for a healthier Mind, Body, and Soul, the more I maximize the Well Being in my life.  AND most importantly, the confidence to challenge my clients to do the same!

“20-40-60 is the BTL recipe for slowing down and speeding up. We recommend our clients embrace this discipline six days a week. Twenty minutes of reflection/meditation/prayer. Forty minutes of reading/writing around something meaty to make you better. Sixty minutes of exercise. Some clients embrace this. Most don’t. We do. You see, if 20-40-60 is good for our clients, it’s got to be more, not less, for the builder.”

I’m sure, like many of you, I wake up with some aches and pains and some people might say its age related, and yes, I’m considered a Senior when ordering my coffee at McDonalds. And over the years I had my share of sports injuries playing football in college, and maybe paying a price for that effort. However, I would not trade any of it or do anything differently, I loved competing and having a four-year scholarship. Now stick with me, this isn’t my All-American Football story, far from it!

As a result of those injuries and as I got older, my joints started to fail and fail badly, lots of chronic pain and more surgeries than I like to report, 12 knee surgeries and two of those, knee replacements. As time went on, I had two hips replaced and a year ago my shoulder replaced. My kids refer to me as the Bionic Man! Not sure about that label but so be it!

And through all of it, the one thing that relieved my pain and kept the muscles strong around those joints, my mind strong and spiritually strong was my commitment to the 20-40-60 daily ritual. I have never had a doctor not comment on these facts; yes, your joint is shot and needs to be replaced, but your muscle around the joint is in great shape, and you should have an excellent recovery. None of these surgeries have ever kept me from being very active, doing the things I love to do! Chet, always being the Agitating Force, (a pain in the ass is a better description), talked me into riding in France for 10 days covering 9 mountains they ride in the Tour de France. This was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I did it with two knees replaced, thank you Chet and thank you Larry for kicking my ass for 1 year of training. Thank you, Mike Maturka, for your support and friendship!

The point is this, you will have many obstacles in life, AND if you sit on the sidelines and whine about your ailments, your pain and don’t do what you can, you will pay an even bigger price. I have seen cancer patients, people with chronic heart ailments and Parkinson’s patients that I have voluntarily trained at KSM in Powell, mitigate many of the symptoms they might normally have through daily exercise. Motion is Lotion as they like to say! 

Be the Agitating force in your own life, and use this daily ritual of the 20-40-60 to make those small incremental gains that will make a difference in your over all WELL BEING!

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