Team practice…

Today, during BTL Band practice, Doscher’s daughter, Stella, joined us on her way to school. It. Was. Priceless.

She is sweet and strong. She is a dancer, an athlete, a daughter, a sixth grader, and so, so much more. She learned the job of the BTL Builder is mostly to get curious, listen with intention, challenge out of belief, and at the end of an hour confirm our clients clarity. She laughed and said something like “that’s kinda cool.” BTL band, please “and” your learning from one of my favorite practices in the history of practice.

Live hard. Listen hard (especially to your Stella’s). Love harder…

3 thoughts on “Team practice…

  1. Stella and Beck both reminded us how we are when closer to our natural curious self. We love making ice cubes into puddles on the floor, until we are disciplined to do otherwise. How we were before we piled our life full of “shoulds.” Just another reminder of why our job is about pulling away the layers and finding the original we were when we arrived here.

  2. I was reminded of the drawing power of true oneness. The relationship we witnessed between David and Stella was energizing and inspiring. Imagine how this could transform two partners if they had just a fraction of what we were privileged to be part of this morning.

    David the father and builder. Stella the daughter and builder.


  3. Today’s Band practice was a kairos moment when Stella joined us…probably my favorite 7 Good Minutes ever. I saw connection, curiosity, and the power of being With. I loved her honest question to you, Chet, re: how do we help people at BTL? You connected her with our Why so well in a way that was tailored to her life experience. Beautiful. Her question also reminded me that that’s what our prospective clients want to know, too, they don’t always ask it so purely. Lastly, I saw the power of belief as our Band built into Stella and gave her our belief in her. DD, she is one inspiring young lady! Thank you for inviting her to practice today.

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