Grand baby Aedán arrived on March 23rd. Grandpa Chet turned 63 on March 25th. And, tomorrow, while driving to Salina, Kansas to take mi Madre to Church, I will be celebrating the one year anniversary of my heart attack and brush with leaving it all behind. It has been a game changer of a year, you know.

So, friend, let this short rant serve as a reminder. You are not in control. Like me, you may want it. Does. Not. Matter.

Remember, if you make it to 90 and still have a fully functioning brain you will (if you’re normal) tell the world not to do what you’ve done. Ninety year olds tell any who will listen to avoid regret regarding the 3R’s. They wish they had taken the time to reflect more, taken those risks that scared them, and poured into real relationships (the few) that bring meaning and richness that no dinero can buy.

Reflect. Risk. Relate.

Reflect more. Take more risks. Pour into relationships that matter. 90 something’s have perspective, you know. If given a redo, they tell us they would make time to reflect, risk, and relate. I was given a redo, a year ago tomorrow. My heart attack was a blessing in disguise, a wake up call, and a softening, opening (MOT) for me. If I make it to 90, my heart will be bursting with joy filled opus in work and life. I will not be fading slowly. I’ll burn out bright, in whatever time God allows.

Your heart is yours to protect and push. Do not be afraid. God did NOT make a mistake when He made you. God knows you and your time; you, not so much. So, make the most of this present. Heed the advice of elders. Reflect. Risk. Relate. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

4 thoughts on “Heart…

  1. Beyond blessed to know that you will be in precious Aedan’s life! And that, by God’s goodness and grace, you are still here in our lives, too. Thank you, Chet, for being such an incredible, transformational Builder and great blessing to us all. I give thanks to God for you and for His Heart for you.

  2. Beautiful words to live by. So glad you are still walking this earth…enjoy that precious new bundle of joy!

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