Day 88: Beginning to believe…

After a practice with a client recently I reflected on how much fun I’m having building into and with him. Why? Because he’s beginning to believe. When I first met him he was tolerating a lot of chronic pain in every aspect of his life. He had no shoot in his eye, was avoiding conflict, and was living out a life of quiet desperation (thanks, Thoreau).

So what brought about the big change? He started with a good hard look internally. He had an unhealthy dependence on alcohol, a dysfunctional relationship with conflict primarily rooted in a dysfunctional relationship with one of his parents, etc., etc. In summary? Weak core. He got after it with a lot of writing and a lot of baby step productive actions. Sounds simple, and it was – it was also a LOT of hard and at times very painful work.

Fast forward a year and this same client is on fire. He’s lit up, convicted, more clarity than ever. He’s making huge overhauls in the workspace and tying them to his beliefs. It’s not coming without conflict, of course. He’s leaning into those hard conversations and coming out the other side more deeply connected with those he works alongside. He’s transforming his workplace as a result of having transformed himself. In summary? Strong core.

He’s beginning to believe. Primarily in himself. What about you? Are you doing the hard work now to change your trajectory a year out? Take some baby steps to strengthen your Core. Write some clear beliefs and act on them. Get after it.

Here’s a bonus PA for you. I sent my client a note today letting him know I believed in him. Who can you give the gift of belief to? Who do you believe in? Pass it on…

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