Do it again…

A strong CORE is a beautiful thing. Do you want one?

Do the work.

Today, in another transformational team practice, a few women and a ccd Welkywelk were given the opportunity to gain more clarity within. Time will tell if more clarity came. You see, friend, you do not get a strong CORE. You build it. You earn it. You have to do the work, and acutely painful work it is. Everybody wants a six pack set of ab’s, you know. Only a few are willing to do the work and do it again, do it again, and do it again.

The same is true for building your figurative, BTL CORE. You do not write your WIP & 3P once or once in awhile. You rinse it all the freakin’ time and then you take PA (productive action) to behave in alignment with belief. You look in the mirror and close one integrity gap at a time. You get better, not bitter at the slow, iterative process of becoming the original you are. Damn.

You are a beautiful masterpiece, not a mistake. Do you believe this? Does your behavior reflect this? Slow down and reflect. Write. Throw it up. Get it on paper so you can make peace alongside PA. It’s one thing to understand self, quite another to make yourself do what you can. You’ve got to make your peace with do it again, do it again, and do it again. It’s blue collar work, you know, BBTL. A strong CORE, there is no substitute. This I believe. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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