Under attack to overflowing…

This morning it feels like I’m a kid again anticipating Christmas morning at 858 S. 11th Street – it can’t get here quickly enough. Why, you ask? Simple really.

Today we’re cycling from Johnstown, heading east, hitting a few hills, downer’s famous dumping grounds, and then making our way back to Johnstown for a celebratory meal. It’s April 2nd and this is the first of many (God willing) annual rides I’m hosting in celebration of my heart attack and miraculous survival on March 27, 2021. We had to push the ride a week due to Miss and my travel plans, but it’s finally here and I can hardly wait. My heart has gone from under attack to overflowing. So blessed. So grateful. So filled, you know.

Under attack to overflowing.

In just a few hours Miss V, Blondie, Downer, Brother Mick, Grappy, and Queen will pull my sorriness and put up with my chatter. Brother Mick and Grappy were non negosh – they had to be on this ride. They saved my life on March 27th when our cycling destination was Johnstown, but we barely made it past Grappy’s place. I’ll never forget the look on Grappy’s face when I told him I was getting off my bike. He shot off for his Buick like my life depended on it. Little did I know. And then there was Brother Mick calling ahead to St. Anns Hospital and arranging everything for my arrival all while taking my pulse from the backseat and preparing to perform CPR (he never had to). I’ll never forget Brother Mick barking orders to the ER staff, staying by my side, calling my Miss, and simply being with. He never left me. Forever grateful.

So we will soon be cycling through the hills of Johnstown and hearts are gonna be overflowing. It’s been a beautiful year. Aedán (our first grandson) arrived. Mom is still here. Miss is by my side. Old friends are here. A few new too. I’m learning to take less for granted and share more from an overflowing heart. I am a WIP (work in process). I am a strong 63. I am living hard and loving harder. I hope your heart feels likewise.

Enjoy your Saturday, my friend. Move it. Remember, you can do more than you think. You are not a mistake. You are, in fact, a miracle. And, if you’re feeling your heart under attack, don’t go it a lone. Go be with, instead. Be with your family, friends, and clients. Be good. Do good. Be with. You and your heart will not just heal, you’ll be transformed from under attack to overflowing. Now that, friend, feels like some kinda miracle. Slow down and reflect. Write. Marinate in the good. Fill up with gratitude. Take the overflowing and pass it along. I’d drop another wisdom bomb but it’s time to go. I’m gonna clip in. All in. I am riding the damn thing. Yeah, baby!

Live hard. Love harder…

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