Day 92: Jackie and Branch…

“Drive right at it.”

That is what a good friend of mine recently shared as a focus for his growth as CEO of a team that he has transformed from 1 to well over 300 souls. Drive at what you may ask?

I asked him how he builds and maintains culture as the team grows exponentially. He shared that anytime he hears of anything in the system that is an impediment to the culture they are building, he drives right at it. Not when the time is right, immediately.

He wants to integrate this team that is both local and distributed across the world. He has a clear vision for how the team treats each other and work together toward their shared big dream. He is trying to build a team of aligned missionaries in an ever-increasing mercenary economy.

How does this tie to the story of Jackie and Branch? Branch drove right at the issue that he saw as the main impediment to Jackie changing the team and the world. He approached Jackie with clarity, courage, and conviction from a strong core. Branch wanted to build one team, that was united in its vision to break the color barrier and win championships. The world was forever changed.

Drive right at it. Core centered and self-controlled.

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