Grappy and Brother Mick…

That’s Grappy, second from the right as you’re looking at this beautiful pic. And, second from the left is Brother Mick. Yesterday’s ride was all about those two, at least in my mind. Grappy only rode with us one other time in all of 2021. Why was he on the HA ride? When the HA happened, Brother Mick was within six miles of the Hospital where he works. Why? We will never know, this side of Heaven. Coincidence or Divine appointment?

What I do know is they saved me and seared me.

So, Brother Mick, soak this truth in. You are relevant. You do not need to try to be more so. You already are.

Grappy, you are smarter and wiser than you think. Relax in this truth. Relish the unique way your brain processes. Rejoice in it. Your brother, Frank, is smart too. There are many types of intelligence and yours so perfectly fits you.

Thank you both for being there and caring for my sorriness. So, friend, what’s the reason for the rant? I want you to give courage to one of your team. Life is hard. Most humans are hurting most of the time. Give and take care. Remember to give more than you take. This is God’s design. This I know. God, help me remember this truth and give more.

Live hard. Love harder…

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