Day 94: Cheeks and Dosch…

Cheeks (aka Chet) is my closest friend, but we live no where near each other. We are brothers, but not blood-related. We are business partners, but own separate businesses. Our relationship is a choice.

We call each other nearly everyday, often several times.  Most of the time there is no agenda.  Most of the time I just want to hear about his day.  He tells such good stories that always seem to have some type of “freakin’ magic” to it – you know?  He fills me up with humility, joy and belief. We talked early on Saturday morning before his celebratory bike ride. I told him how grateful I am to hear his voice and still be able to have conversations with him.  We are {all} on borrowed time and should never forget it.

Remember, there are people whose paths are meant to cross and others who are designed to connect.  Make sure you nurture your connected ones.  The fruit from this philia (brotherly) love, is the closest thing to heaven on earth as far as I can tell.

Carpe diem…

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