1988 Kansas National Champs are referred to as ”Danny and the Miracles.” 2008 Kansas Nattychamps are known as “Mario’s Miracle.” So what shall we call the 2022 Champs?

A Kansas miracle.

No one dude did it. The team did. Big Dave had a smile in the halftime locker room that ignited Christian Braun. Bill asked one question and it was a good one. Would you rather by down 9 with 2 to go or down 15 with 20 to play? He was reminding them of their history as a program. The 2008 team was down 9 with 2:02 to go. Krit and I were 20 rows up on the football field, free throw line extended. She looked at me and said lets go, that night back in 2008. I told her nope we’re staying and it’s not over, we just need a minor miracle. Last night we called each other at every TV timeout. It was like we were back together in San Antonio in the stands. Felt amazing to share the moment with her on the phone and Miss by the fire.

Miracles do happen. Most of them are not really miracles, however. Most so called miracles are simply individuals, teams, and leaders coming together in crunch time to perform the mundane to the point of mastery. Fact. So, next time you’re up against it, leader, call a huddle. Remind your team who they are, why they’re here, and what we’re gonna do next. Keep it simple. Slow them down. Call a couple set plays to create momentum. Believe. Yes. Believe. Leaders are believers. We connect to believers, right? Mundane to mastery. Another Kansas miracle. Yeah, baby. We are all Jayhawks today. I mean just look at the pic!

Live hard. Love harder…

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