Day 97: ONE-uncommon among the uncommon…

“We cannot take others any further than we have gone ourselves.” For me, this is the most important line in today’s reading! How can I as a builder expect to impact others if I have not done the hard work of building a Strong Core Centered Life! I’m sure you have sensed this about certain leaders you have met, you just knew you would willingly follow them or have a desire to be a part of their team. You want to get on the other side of the fence and take a closer look! A great example for me would be Coach Tom Ryan, the Wrestling Coach at OSU. I met Coach Ryan through Chet Scott and immediately I could sense something very uncommon about this man, I wanted to get on the other side of the fence and understand better what I was sensing, feeling….it was an energy that was contagious! What we see is a strong core centered man. A man who has known failure, pain, winning and the joy of transforming the lives of young men. It’s not about him, it’s not some self-serving, self-seeking, ego driven obsession……it’s about others and together building into each other.

And rooted in any strong core is a strong set of beliefs that act as a filter for the important decisions we are called upon to make in our daily lives. And a great example of a young man who is defining his core beliefs and challenging and writing daily as to how convicted those beliefs are, is Taylor Scott. Taylor wrote a blog yesterday that is worth going back and reading again or reading for the first time. It describes the active process of reflecting, writing, and defining your core. Taylor is a work in progress! AND aren’t we ALL a work in progress! I love the belief that Taylor shared yesterday……” Our minds and body atrophy if we’re not committed to daily practice.” At the heart of personal transformation, is a deep level of commitment to practicing and mastering your craft daily!

I had the priveledge of Officiating two weddings this past month for a niece and a nephew. And I agreed to do it, if they agreed to the process that I offered for preparing themselves for marriage. It basically consisted of answering many of the Discovery Questions we use with each client. It gave each of them an opportunity to answer questions they may not have thought about in a while, beliefs they may not have shared with each other and an opportunity to reflect, write, share their answers, hear themselves articulate their beliefs, discuss their answers, and grow together as a result of this work…. practicing and transforming together!

  • What are you tolerating in your life?
  • What needs to change?
  • What’s been holding you back?
  • Why not define ONE STEP right now that could be the step that starts it all for you?

“You can’t lead anybody any further than you have led yourself.”

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