Day 101: Burst toward our best…

Compounding interest.

What comes to mind when you read those two words?

My guess is most people think about this as a financial planning and investment term.  But it is so much more.

My first client taught me about the power of compounding interest. He was making a major career change to an 100% commission-based role in an entirely different industry.  He made this leap to pursue his big dream, and little did we know we had just 4 months until the coronavirus pandemic was about to WRECK his new field of work. 

During the turmoil, he was authoring and re-authoring his OPUS.  When we first started, he had always thought that he wanted to leave generational money to his family and friends as his legacy. But as we went deeper on his worldview, especially on his belief in the power of compounding interest, it all changed.

Instead, he realized that he wanted to leave those lucky enough to be close to him with something much more powerful: a mentality developed by late great Kobe Bryant termed the “mamba mentality”.   The MM is a lot of things but in my mind it is a guide to win long term games with long term people by harnessing the power of compounding interest. It is a relentless commitment to getting better every single day.

I am counting down the minutes until I get to reconnect with this client turned friend this evening. He not only survived the worst possible time to start in the real estate brokerage industry, but he just had the biggest burst in his life over the past 45 days after putting in the work every single day for the last 800+ days. He takes no days off in his pursuit of OPUS. He is relentless and about to double down because he loves the game.

Embrace the mamba mentality. Get 1% better today. No days off because you love the game itself. Watch the bursts come. 

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