Break every chain…

I’ve been feeling a bit low of late. Friends have been dying a bit too frequently. Team practices have been hit and more miss. I feel like I’m pouring myself into people and most could give two shits, you know. Recently, during a team practice where we’ve been practicing for over seven years, I heard a number of teammates share they don’t believe in what we’re doing, they’re just placating the person in charge.

Life is hard. Lead anything and expect to feel low when your influence wanes and results lag behind your expectations. Sucks to lead anything and anyone. Fact. Lead, anyway. Give ‘em all you’ve got and keep giving more than you take. You are not working for them. You, I believe, work for the audience of ONE. Look up. Thank God for the gift of a sound mind and a working body. Strive toward greatness and understand resistance is coming. You will be called names. Heard a new one this week – “try hard” – and it’s not a compliment! Normal people don’t want to change so they see you coming and want to chain you down with harsh words and obstinate actions. Break every chain with your CORE beliefs. Break every chain…

Focus on your OPUS, not on the majority of folks simply mailing it in. Focus on the few believers. Focus on the few doing the work. Focus on the few beside you. Focus on the few. Easier said than done when negative emotions threaten to enchain your sorriness. Hard OPUS you sustain as you tire. Hard labor you disdain as you perspire. Embrace the pain and suffering that comes in pursuit of greatness and doing good work. And, remember, the more you possess gifts of wisdom and game changing truths, the less the masses want to hear it. Focus on the few turned toward you. Forget raising your voice to convince those turning away or turning against. Let ‘em go. Not. Worth. Your. Attention.

Remind yourself whose you are. Remind yourself who you are. I am a master builder, BBTL and feel better already. So, friend, do good work. Focus on the few. Embrace the pain that comes when the drowning man chooses not to grab your hand. Make your peace with your place. God, help me be a better farmer. God, help me pour into those bearing fruit. God, help me regulate the room, not react. God, help me break every chain that wants to hold me down. God, help me.

Live hard. Love harder. And embrace try harder, Zoe, and so many of you brave, strong, souls striving toward greatness…

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