Day 102: Problem Solvers…

Where do I want to start today?  With myself.

Chesters rant from earlier illuminated a glimpse into the emotional roller coaster of leading yourself.  The more I come of age, the more I realize the main battle in our life is in our heads, managing the waves of positive, negative, and neutral thoughts that relentlessly roll through our mind, body, and soul about our life situations.

So how in the hell do we begin to address that problem between our own two ears?

A re-read of The Power of Now has reminded me that there are only 3 options and its human nature to choose a 4th:

  1. Remove yourself from your current life situation – whatever that may be.
  2. Change it – urgently and with intention with a long term solution in mind.
  3. Accept it totally – surrender to the now.

What is the 4th?

Wishing you were somewhere else: the past or the future.

When the here and now is not good enough, we spend our time wishing our life situation was different and we time travel. 

Choose differently. Choose to live consciously, right here and right now. Start with me.

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