Day 109: Cascade meaning…

To cascade meaning you have to give up control on one side of the equation and seize a little more of it if you’re on the other. If you’re the leader you’re likely used to controlling things. Read day 95 if you have work to do here (Gap Trap). If you’re working on it, this is a great chance to practice. PRACTICE by not controlling for individual outcomes. Don’t tell others what numbers they should hit, unless you want mindless workers laboring away until the day they get a better offer. If you want people fired up to build something special WITH you? Share your vision and ask them to write about what their goals are. What fits with who they are? What do they get fired up to chase after? Why? Go get curious with them and help them craft it into their aim for that year AND find ways for it to align with your vision.

If you’re not in charge? Practice taking a bit more courage, getting clarity on what YOU believe you should be chasing after, and sharing it with your leader. What goal would fire you up? Not only when you hit it, but the journey of chasing after it? That’s the key – what will keep you fired up and wanting more?

The worst your leader can say is no. If that’s the answer, get curious. And if they ask you to focus on something that feels like drudgery, you always have a choice. Especially now that you have clarity. So do the work, get some clarity. Get after it.

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