Every team, worth a nickel, establishes performance standards. The best teams create consistent consequences for those that keep ‘em and those that cannot. Excellence demands that you hold yourself and your few to an even higher standard. Fact.

Today, during practice 87 with a team that’s producer led, we challenged ourselves to raise our own standards for production excellence. Most tended to focus on organizational courage and raising the minimum. I kinda went off on that idea. I don’t really believe organizations have courage – it’s individuals within an organization that embody courage with such conviction that it begins to catch hold.

So, leader, up your standards. Start by upping what you demand from self. Set the standard, you know. As I was walking in between practices, I noticed this billboard in KC and thought of Izzy. She’s a rookie on this club. Last year she captained the OSU WSOC team pictured above. What got her to collegiate captain won’t get her to KC Current captain. The minimum has been raised now that she’s a pro. We all understand this, right?

The same is true for your career. Up your standards. Be a pro. Demand excellence in your endeavors. Be earnest in your pursuit of better. What got you here, won’t get you there. Double down on effort. Good..

Live hard. Love harder…

2 thoughts on “Standards…

  1. So good, and so true, Chet. Thank you for this full-on leadership reminder. I would follow the Wizard into battle any day. I would follow her into the everydayness that builds excellence. And I know I’d need to level up as the minimum isn’t good enough to get there. God help me to help those I build to embrace this truth. And to commit to it out of love for the work and their purpose. God help me.

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