Burnt to built…

Happy Easter. He is risen.

The drive from KC to Salina was a visual reminder. The burnt plains. Part of the plan for renewal of God’s green earth. Burnt to built, you know. This is true for you too..

You are not made to follow the popular way. You are designed to blaze your own trail. Mom went from Lacrosse, Kansas to Minneapolis, Minnesota for college and Nursing school, back when the dust bowl and Great Depression had normal women staying in their lane.

She’s 97 in May. Still work to be done, she told me between bites. She was burnt when dad left ‘em back in 1930. She did not remain bitter. She began building. She knew there really was no other way. Thanks, Mom. So, friend, skip the bitter. Go from burnt to built. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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