Day 110: Everydayness…

Rachel asked me to write today with this question in mind, “You’re a dreamer, how do you pair that with doing?”  The answer will sound simple, but I assure you it wasn’t easy.  

When I met Chet in early 2010, and began working on my CORE, I could not do it.  I was unmotivated because I didn’t understand the need.  Plus, I wasn’t about to put in all this work for some guy I barely knew.  I mean, maybe he was just having me do busy work to make himself seem valuable.  I showed up to practices with nothing more than foolish passion for longer than I care to admit.  I spoke a good game, had big dreams, believed anything was possible, but when it came down to doing the CORE work, I resisted.  Yep, that was yours truly.

In his infinite wisdom and discipline – he let me play, he let me push and he let me pout… he did not prescribe because that doesn’t work with a dreamer.  He would simply tie all my big dreams back to the work I needed to do to achieve them.  I can’t remember the exact moment everything clicked, but I know it came when I connected purpose to my work.  You see…

Work without dreams is labor, and dreams without work are nothing but dreams.

The funny thing is, as of late, I’ve been overly focused on the work I have to do to build my OPUS, that I forgot to connect my focused passions to it. Dumbass. So my PA is to bathe myself in my CORE, specifically my Identity and Passions, to [re]Mind myself who I am made to be, what I love to do and why I am here.

Thank you Andy for the passion-laced rant.  Thank you Rachel for the probing question.  And thank you Chet for the reminder.  I’m grateful to have a few like you who are with me in my everydayness.  Together we improve, together we transform, always together… 

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