Focus here…

Most humans are laser focused on reputation. Not the best use of your limited attention. Leaders, the kind worth following, are focused on their character. Focus here.

As Os Guinness challenges us, these leaders “keep the right secrets.” When a mistake is made, don’t hide it. Instead, broadcast it and admit your fail. Repair with those you’ve damaged. Take responsibility and learn. When you do something virtuous, keep it to yourself, keep it a secret – hold onto it. This is how character grows. You control your character. Others will mostly decide what they think of you based on second hand knowledge, remember, not so much on their deep dive inside of you. You cannot control reputation. Let it go. Let it be.

Focus within. Change you. Character counts. As we discussed at team practice recently, we humans are natural imitators. We need role models and good examples to emulate. Choose wisely here. The only character I’m aiming at is the character of Jesus. His character was defined by three primary principles:

Model the way. Jesus’ most frequent command was “follow me.”
Embrace pain and suffering. He lived and died by this.
Embody truth in LOVE. Study Him and decide for yourself.

God, help me keep the right secrets. God, help me aim at your character, not get bummed by my flaws, and accept your Grace. God, help me focus on my character, not fixing my reputation or fixing those around me. God, help me become more CORE centered and self controlling. God, help me keep raising my standards. God, help me build a meek (praus) character. God, help me run with horses – war horses!

Live hard. LOVE (focus here) harder…

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