If you’re a client of mine, here’s a new discipline to add to your weekly writing. This is simple and easy, if you commit to the daily discipline.

Practice 7&7.

7 good minutes, 7 days a week on your CORE. Here’s how. Pull your CORE writing. Look at it. Reflect on each element of your BTL six pack. Is it believable? Does behavior align? Is it forming your character (what is engraved on your heart), or still wishful thinking? Rinse as required. You cannot be too clear, right? Fact.

Write me the melody line of your learning, once a week. Where do you need me to hold you more accountable so you can become, you know, more you? What have you written but can’t consistently will yourself to persist or resist? Figure it out. Figure you out, really. 7&7 is 49 minutes a week building a stronger, more consistent sense of self. A strong CORE, there is no substitute.

7&7 might have been a great drink back in the 70’s – can’t say I ever tried it. I have tried, however, investing 7 good minutes on becoming more me. Worth it. In fact, it’s paying dividends well beyond my expectations. Funny the more I build within, the better builder of others I become. More work fixing and aligning me. Less time frustrated with others mailing it in. It works – just not instantly. Takes time. You and I have time. Stop the excuses. Stop putting other work ahead of your greatest leadership challenge – the challenge of leading yourself. Trust me, practicing 7&7 will have you doing you. Drink that in. Can you imagine how freeing it will be when you actually do you with clarity, consistency, conviction, and a hard earned sense of calm? 7&7. Do you.

Live hard. Love harder…

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