Day 116: What the hell…

Here’s a confession.  I am a BTL builder who has neglected his core work; not my BTL Core, but my physical core.  I ride the Peloton like I am training for a road race, but until recently, when it was time to get on the mat, I was a no-show.

My first step on the road to a stronger core was coming clean.  I let my bandmates know where I was lacking discipline. Then I decided that instead of using willpower to get me on the mat, I was going to use commitment and consistency. I adopted a new identity statement: “I am a core freak.” Then I went public with my new identity and connected it to my wife and the band (beware that if you are going to adopt the identity of a core freak with a CORE FREAK like Chet, expect repeated emails goading and baiting you to show up for craziness at the 3P Palace. To date, I have resisted).

By going public I have increased my level of commitment.  The world knows my plan.  By making it part of my identity I influence myself through my desire to be consistent with who I believe I am.

I started baby stepping my way forward.  As I got off the bike on day one I asked myself, what would a core freak do now?  Answer: get on the mat. Ten minutes of beginner core work.  Good. Day two: get a streak going. Good. Day four: move to ten minutes of intermediate core.  Good. Day twelve: lose the streak. Day thirteen: start a new one, with fifteen minutes of core work instead of ten; and so it has gone.  

Each day that I act in alignment with my new identity I build a stronger core—actually, two stronger cores. While it is taking discipline, I’m using the power of commitment and consistency to influence my actions.

Where would creating a new identity statement, or remembering an old one, help you in an area where you crave more discipline? Who could you connect to it to increase your level of commitment? What’s a first baby step to start aligning your identity with some action?  A stronger core (or two) is waiting.

6 thoughts on “Day 116: What the hell…

  1. I love your commitment and approach. You are doing more than you thought you could. Modeling the way. I am inspired.

  2. Dang Andy, seen. Called out. Pushed.
    I read the book entry this morning and wrote about my lack of discipline, but closed up my notebook before I made myself claim it and make it real. I hesitated ALL stinking day, and specifically in my “public” space where I have been holding myself accountable. We practiced today, and I still was tight lipped. Read your blog entry and boom, couldn’t unsee/feel it- dammit. BUT I came here and saw the livelycomments and ALMOST chickened out. Thanks for going first, thanks for a reminder (or a shove on 2…)
    I am a gardener. I spend time in the garden every. single. day. Not just in my favorite parts that bring me joy. The hard parts, the spaces I don’t know as well yet, specifically I seek out the spaces I don’t know as well, because I need to grow the most there. I go out and put my hands in the soil and see what’s happening every day — for AT LEAST 7 good minutes.

  3. This is so simple, yet not easy. I love how you wrote it out as an identity statement, and challenged yourself to live into it… “what would a core freak do”… So powerful, thank you for that! Jeff


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