Day 117: The gold standard…

“Deliberate practice is a lifestyle.” So true. AND I reminded myself this last week that I’m in pursuit of progress, not perfection. Pursuit of mastery means checking in and rechecking in with yourself to learn what’s working, what’s not, where do adjustments need to be made?

I’d been letting some of my own deliberate practice happen in fits and starts. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, primarily that I’m getting married in three (!!!) weeks, and I allowed myself to make excuses for my less than consistent habits around reading and writing everyday. Andy shared his “core freak” identity with me last week and it inspired a similar declaration in myself. I wrote in my core that I’m a reader, a writer, a learner. Since then? I’ve read, written, and learned every single day. And it’s felt like joy, not drudgery.

I’m making time to deliberately practice that which is leading me to mastery. Is it fun everyday? Of course not. Is it easy to find the hours right now? Nope. But I’m committed, it’s my identity AND I’m in it with bandmates, together. Oh, and I’m picking up the 7×7 habit as well. Thanks, Chet.

What have you been telling yourself you need to get better at? Slow down, come clean with yourself, write an identity around it, share your plan with another, and go get after it. Is that the same PA as Andy gave you in yesterday’s blog? Yep. Stop waiting for the right moment, make it happen. Mastery isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth it for everyone on the path. Come join.

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