You can’t bear to get on the phone anymore. You don’t talk to anybody on the phone. The exception is Mom & Dad. We talked about 55 38 7. Day 322 in BBTL. You have social anxiety about calling. You feel you don’t have enough to say. DumbASS. Call because you care. Tell them you love them. Don’t drink yourself into a stupor because you hate awkward silence. You don’t push it forward with words, I reminded you. Few words, spoken from the heart, transform. I told you why the song Talk, by Coldplay, kicks off the 8 Essentials of Leading Teams. I wrote that intro sixteen years ago. Electronic communications was limited to email back then. Today, email is passé. We text, tweet, instagram, and telegram to keep in touch.


Talking with your few will lessen your anxiety as you deepen your connections. We are designed for deep, meaningful community with our few – chosen and unchosen. We do not text our way to deep connection. Sure, texts are good for something and better than nothing. Your voice, however, is a God given gift. Your voice communicates emotions much more clearly than emoji’s. Don’t settle for a cheap substitute. Talk. Speak truth in love. Your few will love hearing from you even if they don’t return the volley. Fact. Baby step into this, please.


The paragraphs above were taken from practice notes with a client. Could apply to you. You and I are “in person people.” We are meant to stay in touch via touch. We connect to tone, variation, volume and feel. We connect to face time oftentimes via FaceTime. More of this. It doesn’t take long. Fills you up when you fill up your few. Talk more with the aim of filling instead of drilling. Become a filling station to your few – your family, friends, and teams. If you’re one of my few, you’ll know it by the frequency of my calls, connections, and time being with. You’ll know I care. Sure, we’ll text too. I mean c’mon man, I’m no dumbASS.🤝

Live hard. Love harder…

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