Day 122: Cook Better

Every Friday morning at 8:00 bells we have our BTL Partner practice for one hour and many times longer. If there is one thing you would notice very quickly, it’s the language that is being used. AND that language was described in today’s blog…….” Every day in BTL, we challenge teammates to talk/write to themselves. We encourage them to gain clarity with what skills they need to master to dominate in the kitchen. All leaders worth their salt listen to the universal language of performance.”

Now with that idea in mind, the universal language of performance, just think about what you’re hearing at the water cooler, at the bar, coffee shop, your favorite hangout, in the locker room or maybe even in your home. I would bet it has nothing to do with how one could improve on a skill, gain greater mastery, helping each other with a blind spot, raising the bar on performance or sharing dreams and aspirations.  What I usually hear is a lot of whining, how unfair it was for me, my boss is an asshole, I can’t catch a break, I was overlooked, I’m better than our first teamer and the rant goes on……..this is the language of the mediocre, the average and the folks that do not want to take the time to learn a new language, the language of the high performer. High Performers understand that the only thing they have control over are the following:

  • Skills
  • Passion
  • Effort

Skill: a high performer is looking for new skills everyday to master their craft, refining and nuancing existing skills, seeking feedback, coaching, reviewing game film and measuring results. They understand that all of this is within their control, their orbit of performance. High Performers CHOOSE to make a different kind of decision than the average player, they would never waste one second whining to their coach or teammates!

Passion: Are you falling more in love with your sport, career choice or where you are in your journey. As you look for new skills and all the little details of the existing skills and nuancing those details, you find in all that work, fresh insights and new perspectives that open more pathways of performance. You find yourself improving, gaining new ground, and feeling more confident, more love, more skill, and a higher level of performance.

Effort: Clearly, a choice that is within your control! High Performers understand that with any level of high performance there will be pain, failure, long practices, unhappy coaches, and bosses. AND through it all, you keep building on your efforts, your passion and maintaining the mind-set of the high performer……just one more step, one more rep, one last push, always testing your limits!

This is the language of the high performer, Skills, Passion, and Effort! It’s what WE can control, it’s the better choice.

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