People don’t quit their company. They leave their team. When thinking of joining a company, friend, stop the incessant look at Glassdoor or best places to work bullshit. Figure out who you’re going to be working for, I mean directly reporting to. Interview them. Grill the other folks who work for them. Ask them curious questions and then challenging ones. Understand how you’ll be measured and held accountable for results.

You see, friend, companies don’t have a culture or shared values. Oh, lots of them will hand you laminated culture cards and have core values painted on the walls. Does. Not. Mean. Anything. Every company has a variety of cultures and they emanate from team leads, not top dogs. So, next time you’re fed up with your current company and decide it’s time to look for a better place to work, don’t be a dumbASS. Think about why you’re leaving in the first place. Nearly 80% of the time, according to Gallup survey after survey, it’s because of your team lead – your boss!

Start the interview process by asking what New Co does to develop teams. BTL exists to build individuals, leaders, and teams. Our clients build strong individuals, teams, and leaders. We practice one on one and one on a few to build excellence in all. Only sticks with a few. Most companies haven’t a clue. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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