Practice 310…

Today, during practice 310, we paired up with BTL buddies and practiced 7 good minutes understanding one another. It was freakin’ magic, again. We heard from a newbie (she blew us away with her transparency), who got uncomfortable being who she really is. Every other place she’s worked, you know, she had her “elevator speech” down. After a few weeks here, she’s already removing the mask and can’t believe the emotions percolating just beneath the surface. A cagey veteran told us about her ten year dream and another told us about living his dream to bring positivity and inspiration to his work each day.

As I was walking out and heading to my next, another relative newb grabbed my attention. She told a quick story about how much she’s loving BTL team practice. And then she dropped this 💣.

She told me she’s doing a day in BBTL with her boyfriend. Said it’s been amazing what she’s learned about herself and him. My heart overflowed as I floated to the car while talking to the CFO. I mean c’mon man, how good does it have to be when you find yourself floating next to a CFO? Pretty, damn good! Fact.

This team is krazy. We’ve been practicing since their inception. We practiced when there was only one. We practiced prior to them having a place to call home. We practiced as they started up. Continued as they grew. Practiced through a partial purchase. Practiced through the pandemic. Practiced through record revenue. Practiced through delays due to city council craziness and neighborhood nonsense. You don’t get to 310 with a “practice when we have the time” kinda mindset. You transform together when you practice no alternative – en brera.

Practice transforms. Practice focused on courage being given and tough challenges being accepted. Your few want more. They want you to build them. You, leader, cannot give what you do not possess. Build within. Kick your own ASS. Hard on self, not down on self. Model the way. Embrace pain and suffering. Embody truth in love. Practice putting the BTL framework into your system. You, leader, and your team, can do more than you think. We, the BTL band, are here to help. Remember a little gem from Ralph Waldo Emerson – “Our chief want in life is someone who shall make us do what we can.” Practice making yourself and making another. Together, 310 practices later, you’ll transform. Thanks for the belief krazies. Thank you.

Live hard. Love harder…

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