Leaders initiate. Fact. The ones we remember, however, are ones that finish. We remember finishers. Think about it. In any sport, business, or any endeavor of worth, who earns the most acclaim?


You cannot achieve greatness without it. You cannot lead elite without it. You cannot build sustainable teams without it. You have to learn to finish. All the doing in the world doesn’t do it. Driving the length of the field doesn’t count until you finish it with a touchdown. Possessing the ball doesn’t count unless somebody finishes it by finding the back of the net. On and on it goes. Finishers are freakin’ magic.

What about you, friend. Are you finishing the most important stuff lingering in your system? Are you too busy playing “whack a mole” to finish the main thing first? Stop the incessant chatter. Stop meeting upon meeting without finishing. Stop continually collaborating. Stop doing a ton of good things and finish the main things. Stop thinking about it. Finish it. Become a finisher. Excellence is achieved by finishers. Every team needs another finisher. These two are Finishers. You?

Live hard. Love harder. Be a Finisher. Good…

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