Day 126: Einkorn wheat…

My fellow band member DD passed me the baton and challenged me to write why Chester chose my builder’s journey to kick off the “Build Your Healthy Physical Life” essential.

I vividly remember reading the first couple pages of the 12 Essentials playbook prior to my first BTL practice at KDev. There was one line that stood out above all else “we wake up dead people”.

We do not use that language much as a band anymore but the waking up process could not have come at a better point in my life. After my dad passed in 2013, I had spiked up to 235 pounds and hardly anything I was putting in my body would have been considered healthy.

Was I aware of how bad of shape I was in? Of course. But I certainly did not have the awareness to put together a sustainable plan to play on offense with my health.

Through my waking up process I developed a principle that I have shared here several times. Highest Order First: In order to serve others, you must take care of your physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual health first. Over the years, 50 pounds shed off and I built out a sustainable health plan to stay at 185 consistently, well below any concerning BMI thresholds.

I took very few supplements to get there but after my weeklong bout with acute kidney failure last summer, I swore off the last couple of things I did take forever. I eat and drink as many natural foods as possible and take zero vitamins, supplements or even medications (that all process through the kidneys). My weight and physical performance are generally the same since that point.

My nuance of waking up dead people has become build awareness of what’s killing you and take productive action to fix it now.

Thanks for that gift band.

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