PA: Why am I here?

In our band practice this morning, a familiar PA was assigned to us all by Cheeks. Write about why you are here. Here’s my latest rinse…

When choosing to adopt children, there is an element of randomness that is really hard for people to wrap their head around… me included.  I remember sharing with my brother that I felt weird being able to pick the country, gender, age, health status, etc.  Even before my CORE was conscious, I was afraid to make this about me instead of what it was meant to be.  My brother suggested that instead of being wishy-washy about the whole thing that I embrace the opportunity and be CCD.  So that’s what we did.

As you’ll see in the picture below, I was anything but in control of picking my daughter. Matching birthmarks, are you kidding me? We were clearly brought together for a reason.  This began the awakening process for me. We aren’t just random specks of cosmic dust bumping into each other.  Yes, that does exist, AND there is more to it if you pursue discovering what that is.

For example, I believe our Identity is to be discovered before it can be built.  I believe our Worldview reveals the truth and informs our behavior.  I believe our Passions point us to the “work” we are meant to do.  I believe our Principles are the guideposts we must set up to hold ourselves accountable.  I believe our Purpose is where you point yourself after orienting and building your CORE.

Why me? Because I am made to band together with others in a deep and meaningful way.  I am here to be with others on their road to discovering who they are and why they are here.  These roads are oftentimes complex, hidden, treacherous, mislabeled.  However, I am not only able to see the roads less traveled, I’m able to see a way through even when there doesn’t appear to be one.  In fact, I am at my best on these slippery slopes.  And I love the opportunity each person I meet affords me to play, practice, hone my skills AND live out my purpose.

Why am I here? To do this uniquely and distinctly with those whose paths have crossed mine… humbly and always with love… DD

4 thoughts on “PA: Why am I here?

  1. True story. I cried out to the nothingness that I hated this place, that it could be so much better. I said why, why am I here? He, She, They responded, if you have a better existence, we’ll go to it then, but this is the one I made you to be in. I need you in it.

    Who can argue with that?

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