With Larry…

My AND to Chet’s beautiful tribute to Larry…

Thirteen years ago today, I turned 45.  Two hours of that day was spent with Larry Allen, as we visited with a potential client, then debriefed that visit in Larry’s car.  What a gift, I thought at the time, to be with Larry on my birthday, seeing him in action and then receiving his building.  Little did I know that day what a treasured gift it would turn out to be.

Larry had a unique ability to hit me between the eyes with feedback that made me feel like I had a million miles to go before I became a Builder, yet made me feel like I could most certainly get there.  Larry’s words were always thoughtful, direct, and right on point.  Five minutes with him was the equivalent of an hour with most anyone else.  Larry’s commitment and ability to be present whenever you were with him was as unique as it was impactful.  Larry was a master at being with and brought his full attention to whatever or whomever was in front of him at that moment. 

None of us know what tomorrow will bring.  Understanding that, commit to being present today…to being fully with whomever is in front of you now.  This is your greatest gift to another. 

Be with.

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