Krit is fire and forget…

Fire and forget, is a familiar term if you operate in military flying circles. The term refers to modern fighter jet warfare. In the old day’s, a pilot would have to train his eyes and his aircraft on the target, and keep them there for as long as he fired the machine gun or the missile. Today, pilots can fire and forget. The missile has the intelligence to remember where it’s going. The pilot can now fire and train his eyes on the next mission or on enemy aircraft.

One of my clients, who works with our daughter, referred to her as fire and forget. He gives her a mission and leaves it to her to hit the mark. She has earned his trust. This is a perfect example of the speed of trust. Want more autonomy at your place of work? Build expertise and excellence in your domain. Be someone who takes her work on like a heat seeking missile. Be one of the few who we don’t have to micro manage, you know. What kind of teammate are you? One we must keep an eye on when giving an assignment or one we trust to hit the target?

Fire and forget. Well done, Krit. I always knew you were. Soak this in and never stop mastering your craft.

Live hard. Love harder…

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