Do less…

The difference between good and great is not the hours worked. The difference is the effort in the hours. The elite exert more effort, a lot more concentrated effort. You see the elite start with a strong sense of self (CORE) and a clear aim for their OPUS. This clarity allows them to ruthlessly cut out the clutter.

The elite start their effort by doing less.

The world of work is filled with bs meetings, bs workouts, which lead to bs kinda effort. The elite do not have time for bs. They stop doing the stuff that lots of good folks don’t have the courage to cut. The elite get more out of an hour workout because they put more into it. Simple physics really. If you want to become elite in any endeavor, start by deciding what you’re not going to do.

I’m obsessed with creating greatness in a few. I’m done taking on new clients. I am going deeper with the ones I’m with. New apprentices will be the only exception. I’m clear.

I don’t work with public companies. Way too much b.s. for me. My focus is narrowed. I’ve built my business in Cbus and KC almost exclusively. My focus narrows further. I want to grow old but not tired with a few business owners, leaders, and high performers who believe in BTL, believe in themselves, believe in something bigger than themselves, and want to chase excellence in their domain. My focus narrows yet again. I want BTL to be a loosely held collaboration not some big company I have to manage. My M.O. is do less, obsess more. Do less. Obsess more. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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