I am a writer…

Way back in 2006, after finishing a week long conference in London with my only international client, I was introduced to blogging. My client told me he had an idea. His team loved BTL and wanted more than one week a year. I was unwilling to give more of my presence, so my creative client set up a blog for me and showed me how to do it. He asked me to simply write about the work and post it. Explained it was like sending out a newsletter or email only you’re just putting it out for everyone. I wasn’t wild about the idea but his enthusiasm convinced me to give it a go. I’m a writer now. Been writing regularly ever since. Here’s why.

I write for me.

I often write to someone. I’ve discovered the power in my pen. My writing is not for you, it’s for me to gain clarity on my CORE & OPUS. It’s for me to become a master of my craft. I write for me. Clarity comes as I crystallize my thinking in black and white. Here’s another discovery through writing. You can become too concise in your use of words. You can be too direct. You can never be too clear. Clarity within and clarity with another are the alpha and omega of leading self and leading teams. Clarity is Queen.

So, friend, why not start writing for clarity within and with your aim. If you’ve started, why not go deeper? This post is for me, if it feels like it was written to you, maybe it’s just the catalyst to get you further down the road to clarity. Slow down. Reflect. Write. Thanks, Doug, for the push. Together we transform. Always together.

Live hard. Love harder…

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