Doc Scott modeled the way for me for 37 years. He was the kindest man I’ve known. He wasn’t much of a businessman and not very handy. He was a loving husband, father, and doc. He loved his work. Dad’s patients felt it every time he made a house call and didn’t charge ‘em. He wasn’t confident. He was more competent than he gave himself credit. He oozed caring. He was patient, especially so with me. He didn’t hold a grudge against those who wronged him in work or life. He had a deep faith in God and believed all would one day be made right, so let it go. He taught me how to work and worship. My dad modeled the way. He loved sports, especially golf and tennis. He taught me to love sports too…

Nick Cannell modeled the way for me for 40 years. He was the most generous man I’ve known. He was a great businessman and master investor. Nickies loved making pies that rivaled homemade ones. A perfectionist who did not suffer fools easily. Nick was demanding and a tough boss. He was loyal. He loved food, especially Missi’s. Nickies let me tease him incessantly and laughed at my jokes and silly antics. He loved golf and kept score every time. He didn’t trust others easily. He loved listening to me speak of our work at BTL and was always encouraging me, even when he didn’t understand what the heck we were doing. Nick taught me to be more demanding of myself and chase excellence.

I miss them both. Nickies been gone for less than two years. Dad for twenty six. I can no longer tell them how much they meant to me or give them a bear hug and squeeze extra hard before the release. All relationships are bitter and sweet, friend, even with Fathers. Focus on the sweet. Give dad a treat. A hug. Kiss. A kind word, skip the tie. Let him know he’ll be missed…

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