Back to basics…

Most learning is remembering. I’m remembering that if I want to become a master builder, I first (and forever) have to master the basics. So what basics am I focused on lately? Two things.

First, slow down. Way down. I get excited and chomp at the bit to move faster. I’ve always been wired this way. My number one strengthfinders trait is Activator. I like to get things MOVING. Not a bad trait – one of my greatest strengths, in fact. The problem is when I don’t slow down to first get clarity and set an aim. In a practice, this looks like me jumping into the first topic that sounds good vs slowing down and listening, helping my client get clarity by asking the right questions, then when we’re clear on the problem, getting clarity on the direction to head. Once all that is clear, let’s get activating on THEIR plan, not mine.

The second thing I’m focused on is getting to the root. This ties together with the first. If I’m moving too fast I chop at a branch rather than the root. Slow down, find the root cause. Get my client to sit in it, struggle with it, and find their own answer to the root problem. I don’t want to solve problems, I want to challenge them to become problem solvers. Big difference.

I’m aiming for mastery. To be the absolute best I can be, and the best at what I do. My aim is laser focused on mastering the basics. How about you? Most get focused on the latest and greatest management tip or technique. If you want to be elite, go against the grain. Put your focus back on the basics if you want to become a master.

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