Back to the Future…

Epic 80s flick. Also what one of my clients recently learned. When we first met a couple years ago he was tolerating a lot of chronic pain. He built a stronger core, tackled some BIG stuff in his personal and professional life and learned to deal with hard things by facing them head on. Done and done, right? Not so fast.

He recently had a big stressor pop up – an unexpected death in the family. He went into caretaker mode for the family and didn’t slow down to deal with his own pain. The pain he felt for and with his family. Old habits started creeping in. Avoiding the pain. Couple drinks to numb it and push it aside.

We practiced last week and he was frustrated. Mainly with himself – that all these old coping habits crept back in, that he wasn’t slowing down to be with his family. Instead he was moving fast, executing, keeping order, ignoring the nagging pain.

Normal. We slowed down and went back. Back to the root. Back to the old scripts that had resurfaced. He wrote, reminded himself what he actually believes, and tackled some pain head on.

He had to go back to move forward. Freedom is hard fought. It’s not a one (or won) and done. My client created a little more freedom for himself and a little brighter future.

Where do you need to go back to move forward? Write.

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