Yesterday morning I was out of my element. You see two of my clients are really into tennis. Baby Kass runs an organization dedicated to helping young tennis pro’s and amateurs alike. The Athlete loves to play. So, yesterday, I sat beside them and got a bit of a tennis lesson while watching one of KTA’s stars (Katrina Scott) compete for her second professional win. She is amazing.

Kat is only 18 and has a powerful game that she and her coaches are making even more so. She won, btw, 7-5 6-3 in straight sets. It was anything but easy. Both sets she came out slowly and had to fight back from behind. There is no quit in her. She got better when the pressure mounted. So fun to watch. She aced out the match on a serve I could barely see, it was so fast and furious.

The picture shows three champions in my book. Kat is the star for sure. EB her coach. And Baby Kass the man who is making it all possible by living out his OPUS. Don’t be deceived by his frail appearance 🙂 He’s a strong man with a huge heart. I love how much he loves giving to his young athletes. So, friend, keep your eyes out for Katrina Scott. She’s a champion working with champions. Together we transform. Always together. You and I are not designed to go it a lone, remember. All one is the aim. All one. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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