I wrote this on December 24, 2008. A lot has changed since then. I’ve been drawn back to this song the past few weeks. Why? It popped up on an old playlist of mine I’d ignored for quite awhile. Gave it a little rinse today. Enjoy. It may have been rinsed just for you…

Today as I rode my stairmaster and set the ipod to shuffle, I expected another distracting hour listening to tunes I love.  Surprise, surprise.

I love songs that make you think.  All time favorites include Wake Up by Arcade Fire, Walk On, Wake Up Dead Man, Yahweh, 40, Magnificent, Breathe, and Moment of Surrender by U2, Gone, Lonely Nation, Burn out Bright, and 24 by Switchfoot, Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan, Give until there’s nothing left by Reliant K, The Man comes around by Johnny Cash, Longest Days by John Mellencamp, Colored People by D.C. Talk, and Talk by Coldplay.  But today, I added another.  

I had set my ipod to “shuffle” mode and love the surprise that comes from NOT knowing what is next.  Today, from the album that gave us familiar tunes like “Fallen Man,” and “I must have done something right,” came one I had never heard before.  Isn’t it funny how you buy something and don’t ever seem to find the time to listen to the “b” tracks?  

Shuffle fixed that.  

Today, I was jolted by the song titled “Deathbed.” Can you believe how music can move us? A few kids from Canton, belonging to a band called Reliant K, sang a song that melted me. Check it out and tell me what you think. The next generation isn’t going to mess it up folks. Quite to the contrary, they’re awake and making it better.

I am learning to love the next generation and even the one after that. I am learning to judge less and love more. Funny how my perspective has changed as I now have the privilege of playing with OSU athletes and other young people with clarity of purpose. The more I learn the less I know. Love this. Be moved by music. Go move it. Dream bigger. Do more. Die singing your song, not still asking yourself if it’s safe. Life is beautiful, precious, and really, really hard. Day 6. God, help me model the way and make others find theirs. God, help me live hard and love harder. Amen.

Live hard. LOVE harder…

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