Do the work…

One of my closest friends recently hired a builder (not me) and started becoming Built to Lead. We were talking about it yesterday and she mentioned to me a change she’s focused on. She’s learning to CHOOSE to be less reactive and more curious. And she’s finding a lot of peace and freedom as a result. She’s done a LOT of writing, a lot of work, to get there.

I smiled as her words filled me up. Partly because I’m thrilled for her and her journey. Selfishly, I’m also stoked that I have another friend to share in this particular part of my journey. We (builders) say all the time that BTL is caught not taught. Why? Because it doesn’t really make a lot of sense until you actually put in the work…until you do the work on yourself (forever the most important work). Then it makes all the sense in the world.

I connected a little more deeply with one of my closest friends this week. Yet another reason I’m so thankful for this work. It’s brought me a lot of peace and freedom AND it has deeply connected me with a few.

Write what you’re thinking after reading my thoughts. Get a little more clarity for yourself about whatever crossed your brainwaves. If you usually read these blogs and move right along, then do something a little different today. Do the work.

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