Not good enough…

Recently a client shared his scorecard with me. This is not his scorecard of significance (the one tied to OPUS). We’re score-carding disciplines he believes will make him CEO of Y. O.U.! He has a handful of ‘em and we rate each pass/fail. We’re four weeks in and he’s mostly passing. So, I asked him to self evaluate. He blathered on and on about his rationalizations behind his few fails. He felt pretty good about his passes. Overall, he said he was doing well. I asked him to think like a professional athlete (he once was, you know). If self evaluating his performance in sport after four games, what would he tell himself? He took a minute.

“Not good enough.”

I asked him why he only took three words to explain his performance like an athlete but took hundreds to explain his business? Wins and losses are easier to see in sport, he replied. Agreed, I told him and gave him my assessment of his performance.


One word. Hard to miss the message, huh. You, friend, are most likely leading a team in the world of work. You have many around you failing. You are dancing around delivering hard truth, using many words and saying nothing as clear as “not good enough,” much less the simplicity of pass/fail. Stop dancing (unless you’re in the dance business). Be ccd (clear, concise, and direct), always with respect. Use fewer words. Deliver more substance. Truth takes few words. Fact. Hard on self, not down on self. Hard on the team, not down on ‘em. Life is hard. The good life is not found on easy street. The great life is found through discovering how to do hard things well with a team you want to grow old but not tired beside. Together we transform, not by dancing, but by being damn honest even when it hurts.

Where, leader, is your performance “not good enough?” Where are you failing? Where are allowing your team to fail and not giving the gift of truth in love? I believe we mostly fail, learn, and level up. I believe in speaking truth in love and then asking this question – What, friend, you wanna do about it?

What do you believe?

Live hard. Love harder.

2 thoughts on “Not good enough…

  1. Very nice Chet. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s too much of this in the corporate world. Hope you’re doing well.

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