I’m running out of time, you know. What a funny thought. I mean how does one run out of something they don’t control, much less understand? Moving on.

My life, not unlike yours, is out of control. God knows I came into this world with a built in expiration date. He knows. I do not. So, as we age we begin to feel the downward pull to the grave simply because, time, is no longer on our side. We begin to feel aches and pains and wonder if this is the one. We begin to think about our demise and wonder if we’ve done enough. What the hell is that even about? How does anyone do enough? Enough of what, for God’s sake.

So, friend, you too are on death row. You are running out of time. Don’t be afraid. Instead do what most delay. Build a strong sense of self. Build your CORE. Build a worthy aim for your run while you’re still running, you know. Author an authentic OPUS. Love the gift by using it for all it’s worth. God gave you this moment – that’s why we call it THE Present.

Breathe it in with gratitude, a sense of wonder, and pure joy. The next one; no one guarantees. Live. Drain the tank. When you wake up in the mañana, thank God and rinse and repeat. Live hard. Love harder. Chase meaning. Chase with your few. Chase serving those God puts in your path. You and I are here for a reason. Together lets transform as we run the good race, right? Running out of time is not the problem. Not running with a purpose and a passion in this present moment? Problem. CORE & OPUS are your problem solvers. Use the tools. Enjoy the gift. Thanks, God, I feel better already. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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