Study, learn, apply…

In a team practice recently, one of the participants shared part of her story. The sharing helped her, no doubt. More clarity on who she is, what she believes, and how her life events shaped her. One person walking away with more clarity means a good practice.

The practice turned into a great one when everyone wrote about that same story and how it applied to them. Not only the learning they could pull from it, they also wrote about how it applied to their life and what action they were going to take based on that learning. When one person shares, she or he gets clarity. When everyone writes, all get clarity and a little more connection with each other. When everyone writes a productive action of their own around it? Now we’re all leveling up, together.

Want to get better? Learn from your experiences. Want to get better faster? Learn from your experiences AND the experiences of others. Study, learn, apply.

1 thought on “Study, learn, apply…

  1. I like the idea of having everyone write what they can learn from someone else’s story… That’s a good one Centerfield I will owe you royalties on it!

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