Double down…

In practice with a client this morning he shared that he wanted to re-do his work process around generating leads. It wasn’t organized enough and he wasn’t executing well enough on it. This would be the third time that he’s reworked it. My spidey senses went off and we went a little deeper.

What makes this time different, I asked? He didn’t know. Why didn’t he execute on the last ones? He didn’t know, other than that he dreaded doing the reach outs. I slowed him down more – what was the aim of the process? To get more leads. Got it. Where do most of your successful leads come from now? He looked at the results from the last year. Not surprisingly, over 2/3 of the deals he closed came from in-person events. He’s a super winsome, engaging, extroverted guy. Makes sense.

The problem was that he was trying to double down on the wrong thing. His aim is to be one of the best at what he does. To master the craft. He was telling himself that mastering reach outs was part of it. The truth is there are many paths to mastery. The question is, which path lights you up?

He rattled off 5 more in person events he could do to generate more leads. Boom. Spend more time there. Double down on what gives you energy AND what pays off. They’re usually connected. He’s got a clear aim now and is fired up.

Slow down and write. Where are you doubling down on the wrong thing? What gives you juice? Where do you want to double down? Go get after it…

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