Heart of an amateur…

Are you a pro or an amateur in your work? Hopefully both – that’s my aim. I want to prep and execute like a pro. I want to be one of the best at awakening, challenging, and transforming AND I want to forever have the heart of an amateur.

Nowadays, amateur often has a negative connotation – lack of competency and skill, or a general ineptness. Originally, from the latin root word amare (to love), it means someone who loves what they’re doing. Someone who pursues their work not for external rewards, although those can be enjoyed of course, but rather because they LOVE doing it and find joy in mastering it.

I’m pursuing mastery as a builder not for a pile of money or to gain accolades, but because I LOVE what I do and I love mastering it. I’m an amateur at heart, how about you?

2 thoughts on “Heart of an amateur…

  1. Your post on Do the Work from this weekend has been in my inbox for a few re-reads and discussions with some friends and this, to me, is such a nice tie in.
    I have been asking myself does doing the work become more natural, inherent (like breathing) — or will even the basic steps of doing the work always be work to do? Today makes me believe “yes”. Be a pro and an amatuer at doing the work. It has been cool to read your entries this month so far, thank you for your writing.

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