Reliable and reliant…

To be reliable, by definition, is to be trustworthy, worthy of dependence. This feels like strength and gives the team confidence you have the goods, you know. Build more discipline here. Be reliable. Do what you say.

To be reliant is to depend on someone or something. This feels like weakness. This looks like you need your team, friends, or loved ones. Build more humility here. Be reliant on your few. Nothing makes a leader more human than when we admit we’re mortal, weak, and flawed.

We respect the reliable leader. Good.

We run through walls for the reliable and reliant leader. Great.

One appears powerful and polished. The other is humble and human. Truth. None of us has it all together. None of us are “self contained units.” We’re all designed to be distinct and deeply connected. Become and belong. Be reliable and reliant. Be real.

BBTL is hard and humbling. Most of us need to admit we need help. Me included. God, help me come clean and allow my few to nourish my sorriness (at least every once in a while). God, help me swallow my pride. Reliable and reliant. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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